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Joy of Prayer

Prayer Does Work !!

Never doubt in the power of Prayer!

God WILL answer prayer!
This is an assurance from our Savior Jesus Christ.

My wife left for work one afternoon. She never arrived. Sometime after starting her drive she entered into one of her seizures which left her disoriented. She could not remember where she was going and just kept driving. When I learned she had not arrived at her work location I traced her route finding nothing.

My wife was missing. I had no idea at the time what had happened to her. I did know this was not like her to go off and shirk her job. I became frantic. I called everyone I knew and asked for prayers. I contacted police and reported her missing. Four hours latter she was found sixty miles from home sitting in her car that would not start.

Piecing together the details from the police officer, and the few things my wife can remember about the afternoon I learned a miracle had happened. At the time prayers were started for her safety and quick location she had the urge inside her to pull over to the side of the road. She did, and the car stopped running. It would not restart for her. She sat disoriented in her car for a 2 to 3 of hours until a policeman came to her aid. The policeman could also not start the car. My wife was taken to a nearby hospital where she spent a couple of days while they brought the constant disorienting seizure under control. The car was towed to a storage lot. The next day when I went to check on the car, it started with no problem.

God heard our prayers.
God answered our prayers.
God kept the car form starting.
God kept my wife safe until help could come to her.

Believe in your prayers.
Believe in God.
Have faith in God.
He will answer the prayers.
Maybe not as fast as this, but God knows when the time is right.
God is there for you.
He will give you the strength to carry you through your crisis.
God was there for my wife and me.
God will also be there for you.

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